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How To Play Solitaire

Solitaire is a card game where the goal is to arrange all cards into the four empty foundation piles, organized by suit color and numerical order, starting from Ace and progressing to King. You can achieve this by moving face up cards from the stock pile or the tableau.

Terms You Should Know To Play

Tableau: This area consists of seven columns, with the first column containing one card and each subsequent column containing one additional card. Each card starts face down except the last card in each column which is face up.

Stock pile: This is where you can draw the remaining cards, which can then be played in the game. 

Waste pile: If cards from the stock pile are not used, they are placed into a waste pile. Once all cards are turned over, the remaining cards in the waste pile that haven't been moved to either the tableau or foundation can be redrawn from the stock pile in the same order.

Foundation: These are four piles sorted by suit, where you aim to move playable cards in order from Ace to King. Successfully placing all 52 cards in the foundation results in a win!

With our online solitaire game, the set up is automatically done for you. 

Solitaire explanation

Lets Walk Through The Rules And A Game

1. Face up cards in the tableau or stock pile can be moved on top of another face up card in the tableau of an opposite color that is one rank higher, forming a sequence of cards. In the example below, the 2 of Spades can be moved on top of the 3 of Hearts.

Sequencing cards

2. Groups or stacks of sequenced cards in the tableau can also be moved together on top of a card of the opposite color and higher rank. In the examples below, the 9 of Hearts and 8 of Spades can be placed on top of the 10 of Spades. 


3. If a tableau column has only face-down cards remaining, the last card is flipped over and can be played. 


4. Aces must be the first cards placed on the foundation. Once a foundation pile is started, only cards of that suit can be placed in that specific pile.

Aces to foundation

5. As cards are surfaced from the stock pile or tableau, and there are no other cards on top of them, they may be moved to a foundation pile if they can be placed in the right order. In the example below, the 2 of Clubs can be placed on top of the Ace of Clubs in the foundation. 

Stockpilie and tableau to foundation

6. When a tableau column is empty, you may move a King, and only a King, to that column.

King to empty tableau column

7. Win by moving all 52 cards to the foundation piles in the right order.

If you get stuck, you can use our hint button to help you identify which cards to move or our undo button to try different moves.  Lastly, you can also always start a new winnable or random game at any time. 

What Are The Chances Of Winning?

We looked at 2,898,974 random games played of Solitaire Turn 1. Of those games, 955,805 were won, or 33.0%. For Turn 3, when looking at a data set of 1,429,916 random games, 158,382 were won, or 11.1%

Solitaire Strategy

There are a number of strategies that can help you win a game of Solitaire. For example, it's best to first move cards in the tableau before drawing and moving cards from the stock pile. You'll also want to prioritize exposing cards in the last tableau column. Check out our strategy guide to improve your skills, or see tips from our community.

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