How to Play Las Vegas Solitaire

By Neal Taparia - 06/05/2023

Las Vegas Solitaire is similar to Classic Solitaire, however, it takes a gamified twist. 

In Vegas Solitaire, you bet $52 dollars to play. On Solitaired, these are fun virtual coins. The goal is to win back your $52 and more. 

Winning is simple. Every time you move a card to the foundation, you earn $5. This means that if you move all the cards to the foundation, you can win up to $260. With the $52 you wagered, this means your net earnings is $208. To break even, you'll need to move at least 11 cards to the foundation, which would earn you $55 and netting you $3. 

You may be thinking it's easy to win, but this isn't always the case. You are only able to go through the stock pile two times, and not every game of solitaire is winnable. There are also no hints or undos, so every move counts! If you can't continue on, you have to start a new game, whether you are down $52 or up $100. Your balance will carry over to the next game. 

How to play Las Vegas Solitaire

On Solitaired, we give you $200 of virtual coins each day. If on your first game you wager $52, but only place 5 cards in the foundation you're balance going into the next game will $173 ($200 balance - $52 wager + $25 earnings). If you place half your cards in the foundation or 26 cards, you'll have $278 going into the next game ($200 balance - $52 wager + $130 earnings). 

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