Who wants to be a millionaire?

By - 02/08/2022

At Solitaired, we believe playing games can help deliver happiness to our users. Whether it be Yahtzee, Hearts, or Mahjong, our games ensure you're not only having fun, but also pushing your higher order thinking. 

In fact, when we took a survey, we found that 66% of respondents believe games can sharpen your mental skills and help you progress in your career.  It got us wondering, if our users further progressed in their careers, how much savings would it take to be considered a millionaire today. After all, having a million dollars today is very different from having it twenty years ago.

It turns out, what's considered a millionaire varies by state. In California, where there is a higher cost of living, $5,474,032 worth of assets is enough to be a millionaire, whereas in Connecticut it's over a million dollars less at $4,452,381. 

See our findings below. And of course, enjoy our games, train your brain, and perhaps get on the path of being a millionaire!