AI Images of US Landmarks | Solitaired New Data 2023

By Neal Taparia - 06/30/2023

Video games are captivating for many reasons, but one of their most lasting impacts is the world-building they do to create instantly recognizable characters and imagery.

To showcase the power of AI, Solitaired used AI to redesign some of the most popular American landmarks as if they were part of iconic video game worlds.

Top American Landmarks:

  1. Grand Canyon, AZ
  2. Niagara Falls, NY
  3. Statue of Liberty, NY
  4. Empire State Building, NY
  5. Hoover Dam, NV
  6. Mount Rushmore, SD
  7. White House, Washington, DC
  8. Golden Gate Bridge, CA
  9. Cloud Gate (Chicago’s Bean), IL
  10. Monument Valley, UT

Top Video Games:

  1. Roblox
  2. Fortnite
  3. Minecraft
  4. Assassin's Creed
  5. Tetris
  6. The Last of Us
  7. Among Us
  8. Mario Kart
  9. Pokémon
  10. Halo

We thought about which landmarks would make the most sense for each video game and paired them accordingly. For example, Assassin’s Creed is a game known for scaling an urban environment, so we felt it best to pair it with the Empire State Building. Even though we're biased, we also decided to exclude popular classic card games like Spider Solitaire and FreeCell.

Which video game landmark would you like to explore?

1. Grand Canyon, AZ & Roblox

Grand Canyon in Roblox -

2. Niagara Falls, NY & Fortnite

Niagara Falls in Fortnite -

3. Statue of Liberty, NY & Minecraft

Statue of Liberty in Minecraft -

4. Empire State Building, NY & Assassin’s Creed

Empire State Building in Assassin’s Creed -

5. Hoover Dam, NV & Tetris

Hoover Dam in Tetris -

6. Mount Rushmore, SD & The Last of Us

Mount Rushmore in The Last of Us -

7. The White House, Washington, DC & Among Us

The White House in Among Us -

8. Golden Gate Bridge, CA & Mario Kart

Golden Gate Bridge in Mario -

9. Chicago’s Cloud Gate (The Bean), IL & Pokémon

Cloud Gate in Pokemon -

10. Monument Valley, UT & Halo

Monument Valley in Halo -


To determine the most famous landmarks and video games by search volume, we analyzed nationwide searches for terms and phrases related to video game brands and American landmarks from May 2022 through April 2023.

We used Midjourney AI to generate images of American landmarks as video games.

Fair Use

When using this data and research, please attribute by linking to this study and citing

About the author

Neal Taparia is one of the founders of Solitaired. He loves playing card games and is interested in understanding how games can help with brain training and skills building. In addition to card games, he also likes fishing and mountain biking.

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