Play TriPeaks Solitaire Online for Free

TriPeaks solitaire is a relatively new game, developed in 1989 by Robert Hogue as part of Windows Entertainment Pack 3. Also known as Three Peaks, Triple Peaks, or Tri Towers, it’s a quick, simple puzzle game for players of all ages.

Number of Cards: 52

Length: Short

Difficulty: Easy

Family: Adding & pairing

Type: Closed builder

How to Play TriPeaks Solitaire

TriPeaks solitaire is a great beginner solitaire game that doesn’t require you to pay attention to suits. Gameplay is essentially nothing like classic solitaire, so if you want to try a totally different solo card game, give it a try! It’s a great break from classic card games. Read below to learn how to play, or watch our video tutorial

Types of Piles

Tableau piles: These are the workable piles on the table. They are shuffled and dealt before the card game starts.

Stock pile: This pile is the remainder of the deck that hasn’t gone into the tableau piles.

Waste pile: The cards you remove from the tableau make up the waste pile.


If you’re playing online solitaire and not using deck of cards, the game will already be set up for you. 

To start a new game of TriPeaks solitaire with actual playing cards:

  1. Shuffle your deck.
  2. Build your tableau by placing 3 pyramids, or peaks, of 6 cards face-down
  3. Add a bottom row of ten face-up cards to connect the 3 pyramids.
  4. The remaining cards will become your stock pile.


Unlike most solitaire card games, your aim isn’t to build foundation piles from aces to kings in each suit. For a Tri Peaks card game, you just need to clear the tableau. To remove cards, you’ll pick cards valued either +1 or -1 of the last card removed. 

So, if the last card you moved to the waste pile is a 3, you can then move either a 2 or a 4.

After you’ve removed the top cards, the cards beneath will turn over. If you get stuck, use the stock pile. Just be careful — you only get one pass through the stock pile.

If you’ve played Golf solitaire, TriPeaks should be a cinch! 


  • You can move a card that is one rank higher or lower than the previous card played.
  • Color and suit don’t matter.
  • If you can’t move any open cards, pull from the stock pile

  • You can only pass through the stock pile once. If this pile runs out and there are still cards in the tableau, it’s Game Over.

  • What is a good strategy for TriPeaks Solitaire?

    To win a TriPeaks solitaire game, you’ll want to pay close attention and follow these tips.

    Look for long sequences.

    Try to remove cards in the longest possible sequences. Avoid depending on that stock pile until it becomes absolutely necessary.

    Reveal as many new cards as you can.

    If you have a choice between a top card that’s blocking 1 new card, or one that’s blocking 2 new cards, always pick the option that will reveal 2 cards. This will increase your odds of getting new cards you can play quickly.

    Take advantage of the Undo button.

    If you’re learning this game and accidentally get a little too click-happy, go back a turn or two. No one here is judging — we added that button for a reason!

    If you’re a pro, show off those high scores — sign in and earn your spot on our Leaderboard.


    How many cards are dealt in TriPeaks Solitaire?

    There are 28 cards in the tableau and 24 cards in the stock pile, totaling at 52 cards, or a full deck.

    Do you have to start with aces in Tri Peaks Solitaire?

    Nope! You can start the foundation pile with any card you choose.

    How is TriPeaks solitaire scored?

    Each card you move to the waste pile scores 1 more point than the card before it. The first card scores 1 point, the second scores 2 points, etc. The score amount resets when you use the stock pile — after you draw, you next card from the tableau will score 1 point.

    Is TriPeaks the only adding & pairing solitaire game?

    No! There are several solitaire variants based on adding cards, rather than by putting them in order. If this is your thing, try Pyramid solitaire and Golf Solitaire.

    What other solitaire games can you play?

    There’s a ton of other solitaire games you can play, like Spider solitaire, FreeCell, and Double Klondike. But if you’re after more of a challenge, try other Yukon games like Scorpion solitaire or Alaska solitaire. Check out our all games to check out hundreds of variations.