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An old Casino game where the house usually wins. It's distinctive features include a reserve and foundations built up from the value of one random card dealt into them.
Canfield Rush
A Canfield variant where cards are dealt by threes in the first pass, by twos in the second and one-at-a-time in the last. Easier than standard Canfield, but still a challenging game.
A difficult variation of Canfield where you build in suit, can't move sequences, and only get two passes through the stock. "Acme," the greek word for the zenith, was a popular name for companies who wanted to be listed first in the phone book until the Coyote and Roadrunner ruined it.
Canfield (Gallery Mode)
This is just Canfield with a different user "interface": all the cards that would normally start in the stock are fanned out face up, with the ones that would normally be playable if you were going through the stock three at a time automatically raised up to indicate that they are playable.
In case Canfield wasn't hard enough for you, here's a version with only three tableau piles. But you can stack cards regardless of suit, so it'll be OK. Occasionally.
An slightly easier, but still difficult, variation of Acme in which sequences can be moved. Named after Acme's best customer.
An two-deck version of Canfield, not quite as easy as Doublecanfield. "Demon" is the standard English name for Canfield. We follow Thomas Warfield in fostering confusion by using the name for this different game.
Demons and Thieves
In this game, the tableau is split into two halves, one half where you play by Canfield rules, and one half where you play by Fortythieves rules.
Double Canfield
An two-deck version of Canfield, much much easier than the original game.
Double Storehouse
A two-deck version of Storehouse.
Like Rainbow this is a Canfield variation where you build regardless of suit, but this is a bit more difficult because you only have three tableau piles.
Quadruple Canfield
An easy four-deck version of Canfield invented by Thomas Warfield.
A variation of Canfield in which you can build regardless of suit.
A old Canfield variant first described in 1939. A pleasant game, but there is scarcely any strategy required.
Superior Canfield
Canfield made a bit easier and a bit more strategic by dealing the reserve cards face up and not automatically filling spaces from the reserve.
Three Demons
This three-deck version of Canfield invented by Thomas Warfield starts with more cards in the reserve and more tableau piles than Triplecanfield.
Triple Canfield
An easy three-deck version of Canfield invented by Thomas Warfield that has fewer tableau piles and a smaller reserve than Threedemons.
Variegated Canfield
A difficult two-deck version of Canfield, with aces starting on the foundation and only three passes through the waste allowed.

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