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How to Play Elevens Solitaire

Elevens Solitaire is a matching game similar to Pyramid where you have to combine cards that add up to 11.

How to Play


Your goal is to clear all cards from the tableau and stock pile. You do this by matching pairs of cards that add up to eleven. You clear face cards by matching a King, Queen, and Jack together.

The Setup and Play Area

Tableau piles: This area consists of 9 cards.

Stock pile: The rest of the cards, or 43 total, go into the stock pile.

Available moves

  • Pair cards in the tableau that add up to 11. This can be a 10 and Ace, a 9 and 2, an 8 and 3, a 7 and 4, or a 5 and 6. Once paired, they move to the discard pile.
  • Pair a Jack, Queen, and Ace to remove them from the tableau.
  • Once cards are removed from the tableau, they are replaced with new cards from the stock pile.


The game mostly depends on luck, and the way the cards are dealt.

Frequently Asked Questions

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