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Busy Aces
A fairly easy game dating back to 1939. Twelve tableau stacks of one card each mean you can easily get lots of empty spaces to work with.
Cast Out Nines
A difficult variation of Deuces or Busyaces where no cards are already on the foundation and there are only seven tableau piles. Invented by Thomas Warfield.
A variation of Busyaces which increases the difficulty by autofilling empty tableau spaces the waste and stock.
A more difficult variation of Busyaces with fewer tableau piles.
A variation on Deuces with fewer tableau piles.
Fortune's Favor
An extremely easy, one-deck version of Busyaces.
Jacks in the Box
A variation on Deuces which has fewer tableau piles but adds some cells.
A slightly more challenging version of Fortunesfavor with fewer tableau piles.
An easier variation of Busyaces that allows stack moves.
Three's Company
A rather difficult variation of Deuces or Busyaces with still fewer tableau piles but stack moves are allowed. Invented by Thomas Warfield.

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