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A well-known game with no stock, in which stacks of cards can be moved even if they aren't in sequence.
A harder variation of Yukon where you must build down in the same suit instead of in alternate colors.
This two-deck solitaire allows moving unsorted stacks, as in Yukon. It is exactly like Outback, but you get to do two passes through the deck.
A somewhat more difficult variation of Yukon in which you can build up or down, but must build in the same suit. I think they call it "Alaska" because it is so cool when things work out.
A two-deck version of Australian Solitaire.
Just like Yukon, but the starting layout is a bit different and you build regardless of suit.
Double Russian
A two-deck version of Russian solitaire.
Double Yukon
A two-deck variation of Yukon
A variant of Russian with a different starting tableau.
Quadruple Yukon
A four-deck variation of Yukon
Russian Cell
Thomas Warfield's variant of Russian Solitaire adds a couple cells.
Ten Across
A variation of Russian with a different starting tableau and two cells, which start full.
Triple Russian
A three-deck version of Russian solitaire by Thomas Warfield.
Triple Yukon
A three-deck variation of Yukon
A rarely winnable version of Russian Solitaire where only complete sequences can be taken off, as in spider.
Yakutat Bay
A cross between Yukon and Movingleft.
Yukon Cells
A variation of Yukon simplified by the addition of two cells.
Yukonic Plague
A more difficult variation of Yukon where many cards are buried in a reserve.
Yukon Kings
A difficult version of Yukon without foundations.
Yukon One Suit
A one-suit variation of Yukon. The game is almost always winnable, but still makes you think a bit.

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