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Spider Solitaire
This is the classic spider game. Our default version is the single suit version.
Spider Two Suits
The name says it "all": Spider with only two suits.
Spider Four Suits
On the 10 tableau piles you can build down regardless of suit, but you can only move single suit sequences. When you click on the stock, one card will be dealt to each tableau pile. Single cards cannot be moved to the foundation, only complete sequences.
A game with a seven-by-seven tableau, where three cards in the first four piles start face down. Unsorted stacks of cards can be moved around, as in Yukon, but cards cannot be moved to the foundation until they form complete sequences, as in Spider.
A one-deck version of Spider, with a Klondike-turn-3-style triangular tableau.
A compressed game of Spider with four cells.
A variation of Spider where all cards are dealt face up.
Big Spider
A three-deck version of Spider. This is a bit more challenging than Spiderthreedeck.
Black Widow
An easier variation of Spider where you are allowed to move sequences even if they aren't all of one suit.
Brown Recluse
This Spider variant by Thomas Warfield has a stock and a waste pile. The tableau starts with just one card in each column, but spaces are autofilled from the waste or stock.
A variation on Scorpion invented by Erik den Hollander in which we fill spaces with three cards from the stock instead of dealing from the stock.
This Scorpion variation has a different layout, a smaller stock, and allows cards to be moved to the foundation one at a time.
Chinese Spider
A three-suit version of Spider.
Double Easthaven
A two-deck version of Easthaven.
Double Scorpion
An easy two-deck variation of Scorpion where all cards are already dealt in the beginning.
A variation of Chinese where you build in the same suit.
A one-deck cross between Spider and Klondike-turn-3.
Fred's Spider
In this easy variation on Spider, designed by Fred Lunde of Livonia, Michigan, cards are dealt face up and can be moved to the foundation singly.
Huge Spider
A four-deck version of Spider.
A harder variation of Trillium where spaces may only be filled with kings.
Scorpion Head
A variation of Scorpion with some cells.
Scorpion Tail
A variation of Scorpion where we build down by alternate color instead of down in suit.
Spider Three Deck
This three-deck version of Spider is a bit easier than Bigspider.
Thomas Warfield's blend of Spider with a Klondike-turn-3 ends up looking a lot like Spiderette except that cards can be moved singly to the foundation.
An easier variation of Spider where you are allowed to move sequences that are all one color even if they aren't all of one suit.
A Spider variant with a 13x4 tableau where you build down by alternate color.
Triple Easthaven
A three-deck version of Easthaven by Thomas Warfield.
Triple Scorpion
A three-deck variation of Scorpion with no reserve.

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