Strategy Guides for Solitaire and Other Card Games

Below you'll find guides on how to play some of the most popular solitaire games, as well as other classic games.

Strategies to Win Spider Solitaire


Spider solitaire is arguably the most complex and challenging of these three solitaire games. People who play Spider solitaire are usually players who...

Yahtzee Strategies to Win the Game


When playing Yahtzee, you aim to score the most points by rolling various combinations of five dice. While even the best strategy depends partially on...

7 Mahjong Strategies to Win the Game


You’ve probably heard of Mahjong (or Mah-Jongg), the four-player tile-based game developed in China in the 19th century that has grown in popularity...

7 FreeCell Strategies to Win The Game


Most people are familiar with Solitaire, but this classic card game has many variations. One variant is FreeCell Solitaire. It differs from Classic S...

Hearts Strategies and Tips to Win


The game of Hearts is a trick-taking game, made up of a series of rounds, or tricks, where winning a trick may mean scoring penalty points. The game e...


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