How to Play Guides for Solitaire and Other Card Games

Below you'll find guides on how to play some of the most popular solitaire games, as well as other classic games.

How to Set Up Solitaire


To play solitaire, first you need to shuffle a 52-card deck. Once done, you’ll begin to set up a tableau by distributing the cards into seven columns...

How to Play Royal Parade Solitaire


Royal Parade solitaire is an unusual and highly challenging variation of the classic card game. Number of Cards: 104 (2 Decks)Difficulty: HardFamily: ...

How To Play Double Solitaire: Rules and Strategies


If you love playing online Solitaire but don’t always love playing alone, give head-to-head Double Solitaire a try! This competitive two-player card g...

How to Play Cribbage


Cribbage is a two-player card game typically involving a cribbage board, some pegs, and a standard 52-card deck. When a player reaches 121 points, the...

How to play Chess


Chess is a two-player, piece-taking strategy board game. The board is set up with each player having two rows of pieces – a row of pawns supported by ...

How to play Checkers


Checkers – also known as draughts – is a strategy, piece-taking board game. The board is set up with uniform black and white checkers (some sets inclu...

How to play Backgammon


What is BackgammonBackgammon is a two-player dice game in which each player aims to traverse their pieces around a board to remove them from play and ...

How to play Euchre


What is EuchreEuchre – sometimes referred to as ‘Knock Euchre’ – is a trick-taking card game traditionally played between four players with either 24,...

How to play Sudoku


What is Sudoku?Sudoku is a logical brain-training puzzle game in which players complete a nine-by-nine grid by populating each square with a number. I...

How to Play Spit


Spit, also known as Speed or Slam, is a classic shedding-type card game that involves two players and a standard 52-card deck. Shedding-type games are...

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