How to Play Guides for Solitaire and Other Card Games

Below you'll find guides on how to play some of the most popular solitaire games, as well as other classic games.

How to Play Hearts


What is Hearts?Hearts is an evasion-style, trick-taking card game that can accommodate three to six players.The game is believed to have originated in...

How To Play Pyramid Solitaire


What is Pyramid Solitaire?Pyramid Solitaire is a variant of traditional Klondike Solitaire and is similar to TriPeaks Solitaire. The aim of the game i...

How To Play Yahtzee


What is Yahtzee?Yahtzee is a strategy game played with five standard dice. It is believed the game was invented by a Canadian couple – originally know...

How to play Mahjong Solitaire


What is Mahjong Solitaire?Mahjong Solitaire – also known as ‘MahJongg Solitaire’ and ‘Shanghai Solitaire’ – is a solo pairing game traditionally playe...

How to Play Solitaire: Set Up, Rules, and Strategies


Solitaire, also known as Patience and Klondike, is a one-player card game that requires you to arrange cards into four foundation piles in asc...

How to Play Spider Solitaire


What is Spider Solitaire? Spider Solitaire is a card game that tests skill and patience. It’s a variation of the traditional solitaire format. Unlike ...

How to Play Spades


What is Spades? Spades is a trick-taking strategy card game. It’s a four-player game contested in pairs, in which each team attempts to earn points by...

How to Play FreeCell


What is Freecell? FreeCell is a single-player patience card game that is a variation of the traditional solitaire format. Like all solitaire games, t...

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